Flashers are easy to order, easy to install

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Say goodbye to custom fabricating and fitting problems.

Flashers® make installation a breeze on any kind of roofing, and require no fancy tools or complicated installation methods. The rubber cone is clearly marked with pipe dimensions, in both millimeters and inches, so it can be easily customized with tin snips or scissors.

Flashers'® flexible rubber won't crack and allows for easy expansion, contraction, and pipe vibration.

The heavy rubber fold at the base allows them to fit any roof style. Flashers® come in nine different sizes for pipes ranging from 1/4" to 19" in diameter and are available in black or grey EPDM or silicone for high temperature applications.

flashers made in the USA

Flashers® are produced by skilled American workers in our Oregon plant. We'll never compromise on quality by out-sourcing to less expensive, less reliable suppliers. Every Flasher has been designed, built, and inspected right here in the USA.